Obstetrics is a branch of medical science that deals with pregnancies, abortions etc.

There may be some problems associated to pregnancies. If the patient suffers from a certain disease you have to take it into consideration when you are going to mention the nursing interventions. There are also some aspects to consider such as:

-Partial placenta previa

-Complete placenta previa

-Vaginal bleeding

-Placenta abruption

-Caesarean section

-Full term pregnancy





      Give psychological support to the patient and her family.

      Weight and size the patient.

      Monitor the vital signs of the patient: Blood pressure, temperature, pulse and respirations.

      Check the fetal heart sounds as ordered.

      Assess vaginal bleeding.

      Encourage the patient for the vaginal examination.

      When the patient is in labor check if there are three contractions in a ten minute period every thirty minutes.

      During the course take the patient's investigations to the clinical laboratory on time and take them back to the ward.

      The patient must be in complete rest lying on her left side if required.

      Give sanitary education in relation with her course, labor, Caesarea if necessary, respiratory exercises at the moment of the contractions, diet, drug treatment, dentistry consultation, vitamins.

      Teach the patient the importance to breastfeed her baby and encourage her to do it the required time.

      Teach the patient to follow the adequate hygiene during the course, when the patient is in labor, and after the baby was born.

      Teach the patient the importance of early ambulation.

      Cure of the wound.

      Take the stitches out if the patient had caesarean section as ordered.