Laceration is a wound.




      Put the patient in correct position.

      Give psychological support to the patient and his /her family.

      Monitor the vital signs of the patient: Blood pressure, temperature, pulse and respirations.

      Hydrate the patient if necessary.

      Wash one's hands before and after going to the patient's unit to avoid cross infections.

      Clean the laceration with water and soap and antiseptic solution.

      Shave the patient carefully if necessary to avoid lesions of the skin or excoriations.

      Call the doctor if necessary.

      Take stitches following the correct procedure.

      Check the color of the skin and mucosa.

      Check if the patient is well oriented to time, place and person.

      Give the patient the corresponding vaccine.

      Administer medications prescribed by the doctor on time: Antibiotics, analgesics, etc.

      Cure of the wound daily.

      Explain the patient and his/her family about possible complications depending on the part of the body where the laceration is.

      Write the observations on the patient's chart.

(If the patient needs surgical procedures see the nursing interventions related to it)